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The "Invey Hagefen" Band has been founded 33 years ago by Noam Hayat. The Band is renowned and experienced in animating events, with a personal touch specially adapted to every event. The Band has a wide and varied repertoire: Hassidic, Israeli, Irish, Oriental, Yemenite, Moroccan, European, and more. Go to Clips / Listening Tracks.
The Band is unique for its ability at finding the right combination for mixed publics, such as events with religious and less religious people, or people of different ethnic background, and fond of different repertoires, so that every one enjoys and feels being part of the happy event, sharing the dancing all evening long.
The Band has a rich experience in organizing important events, with a large audience; and also in animating prestigious private events. Go to Special Performances.
There also are exclusive performances for youth in schools and community centers, with a combination of acting and songs on various topics. Go to Song of Faith.
For a number of years, Roy Yadid has been the soloist of the Band, while he is a popular singer by himself and some of his hits are famous, such as "At Li Eretz", "Briyat Olam" and more. He used to be the Commander and Soloist of the Military Rabbinic Band, under the musical direction of Moshe (Mona) Rosenblum. Roy Yadid has a sweet and touching voice and, as it has been said, he sings in any style. Go to About Roy Yadid.

As said, the Band manager is Noam Hayat, who has a long experience of thousands of weeding parties, thanks Heaven, who will organize and tailor the event to you, with the program, the content and style uniquely adapted to your guests and your special requests. Go to Noam Hayat.

Details about the winning ensemble
The basic ensemble is comprised of 7 artists: one singer and 6 instrumentalists:
1.      Soloist: Roy Yadid
2.      Organ, synthesizer
3.      Drums
4.      Tenor and Soprano Sax + Clarinet
5.      Trumpet
6.      Percussions
7.      Acoustic and Electric Guitars
In addition:
*         Quality Professional sound system, attended by a soundman / technician for full control of the volume and a clear, nice audio
*         Color stage lighting
*         Escort to the Huppa with a unique Kleizmer ensemble, comprised of: an accordionist, a clarinet, a Djembe drum + an acoustic guitar and singing at the Huppa
*         DJ available
*         Every customer gets a song book with a rich variety of styles, allowing you to select your songs and arrange your own personal repertoire
*         Every customer gets an account name and a password to design the event with a personal touch. Go to Organization of My Own Event
It is possible to:
*         Order additional players, such as violin, trombone, transverse flute and more
*         Have the evening recorded on CD as a souvenir
*         Additional sound system outside and / or scattered around the premises
And most of all: Quality and Professional care above everything

   for more details call us now: 0522-769385

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