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 An offer to Managers
An offer to Managers: Municipalities, Schools, Community Centers, Companies and also Kindergartens
Tapes of the INVEY HAGEFEN Band
Every tape: 5.- NIS (for grouped orders of 20 units or more)
There are 2 different tapes in store – until the store runs out.
Singles on disks: every box of 50 disks: 350 NIS
Available singles (one single song):"At Li Eretz", "Ana Bekhoah", "Yerushalaim At Halom"+playback
You can order to hand out to your employees or your students, for an event
For large quantities, the organization logo may be stamped with a few lines of your own
No gift is appreciated more than good music… which one remembers for a long time!
Go to "Song of the Soul" – a special show – not to be missed
Site Counter : 173471