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 gift to engaged couple
Free gift to every engaged couple:
a disk of the Invey Hagefen Band
To every couple who engaged: Mazl Tov!
You are invited to come and listen to the Invey Hagefen Band and our soloist: Roy Yadid – and you'll receive our engagement present:
a disk of the Invey Hagefen Band –
without signing on anything and without promising anything
All you have to do: Call Noam to hear when you can come and listen to the Band and to see, according to your wedding date, whether Invey Hagefen can animate your wedding party
A couple who could not get their disk before (a couple from overseas or for whatever other reason) will be offered their disk at the wedding
We are sorry, but a couple who comes to listen to the Band without prior arrangement with Noam, or if the Invey Hagefen Band is already booked on their wedding night – may not receive a free disk
So, come on call Noam and let's get together to listen to good music and receive a free disk…
The offer for a limited time only – can be cancelled at any time by decision of the Band Management
Site Counter : 173472