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 Jerusalem you're a dream
Do you remember the hit "At Li Eretz"?
Well, Roy Yadid is back with us, and with another super-hit, in a new single and it is called:
"Yerushalaim At Halom" – "Jerusalem you're a dream"
After the tremendous success that Roy gained with the song "At Li Eretz" – following what his first disk was issued with his name "Roy Yadid" and sold in tens of thousands copies – Roy is producing a new single called "Yerushalaim At Halom".
This song is issued on the occasion of Jerusalem Day, and its words evoke the longing that every Jew is feeling for Jerusalem as the City of Holiness and as the unified capital of the whole People of Israel in the Holy Land and ןn the Diaspora.
It must be noticed that the song is published by the same studio as the hit "At Li Eretz" and that the words have been written by Tamar Sharbit-Asnapi, while Roy Yadid himself composed the music and the musical arrangement is made by Eldad Ratzon.
The producer of this single is Roy's personal manager, Noam Hayat.
To conclude, all the people who were responsible for the hit "At Li Eretz" gathered again to create and present us Roy Yadid's new hit "Yerushalaim At Halom".
Be patient and don't say: "we've not been told about it…"
In the disk appears the single: "Yerushalaim At Halom" and in addition a playback of the song "At Li Eretz", at the request of many. So hurry up and buy it. The disk is available through our web site.                                                                               


לרכישת הסינגל לחץ כאן.



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