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 Song of Faith
Song of Faith




Judaism Concepts
Faith Education
Play and Music
a. Personal Data
Noam Hayat
ID No.057158032
43 Ezra Street, Rehovot 76208
Tel.: 08-9459775
Fax: 08-9456496
Cel.: 0522-769-385
·        Has been working in Education for 19 years, M.A. degree, ordained as a Rabbi and serves as an educational institution Rabbi
·        Has been an independent music professional for 24 years, a player and the manager of the 'Invey Hagefen" Band, which performs in familial and special events, wedding parties, etc.
·        Teaching experience in a faculty, secondary and elementary schools and a special program for kindergartens: 'Rav Gan'
·        A youth counselor for several years in the Central District
Roy Yadid
·        Singer / actor
·        Was the Soloist and the commander of the Military Rabbinate Band
·        Today the Soloist of the 'Invey Hagefen" Band
·        Has a B.E.D. degree in education
b. The Program: Song of Faith
A mix of music and Judaism, education to Faith and fundamental concepts.
Adapted for elementary and to secondary school students and may be adapted to kindergartens.
Including costumes and various accessories.
In practice – scenes of live acting, every one with an educational - faith message, adapted to the target attendance.
Includes comedy scenes, dramatic and moving scenes.
Between acting scenes, we play some music and sing songs related to the message contained in the scene.
Includes also story telling and attendance involvement with the performance.
Performers and details:
1.     Noam – speaker, story teller and actor, percussion instrument player
2.     Roy – singer and actor
3.     Accompanying organ player
4.     Soundman + assistant, responsible for professional sound and lighting systems
5.     Slide projection of the words of the songs – on condition that the customer institution provides a projector
6.     Performance duration: 60 minutes.
Notes and remarks:
ü     At the end of the show, it is possible to involve the attendance in general singing and / or dancing
ü     It is possible to adapt the show to event or festival topics, to a bar / bat mitzvah party, to community activities and to a end of the year party
ü     It is possible to divide the attendance in two session and then the price for the second session will be with a 50% reduction
ü     It is also appropriate to involve the parents and it is also appropriate for community center activities and other educational institutions
ü     It is also appropriate for general (non religious) institutions, with an accent on the moral values: help to disadvantaged people, respect of the parents, charity, politeness, etc.
ü     We published a CD / cassette tape called: Song of Faith to learn the songs, and with Heaven's help we will soon publish Song of Faith 2. Every customer will receive a CD / cassette tape.
c. The goals:
1.     Intensify faith education through the combination of acting and music with a tendency to moral values and faith contents
2.     Increase the love of the Torah, the People of Israel and the Land of Israel through a musical experience
3.     Valuable activity and experience for the enhancement of moral qualities.
d. The purpose: faith influence through nowadays media:
Through the very same media that modern communication system influence our children (songs, music and acting), we intend to influence them to quality values and to a life of Torah and holiness.
e. Last Logistic Details:
ü     The price for the whole show, including sound and lighting systems, is only NIS 3,000, VAT not included
ü     An evening (night) performance is subject to a 50% supplement over the regular price
ü     The customer has to give a postdated security check before the show
ü     It is possible to add a wind instrument (sax + clarinet) player with an additional NIS 650 only.
Best regards,
Noam Hayat
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