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 About Roi Yadid


Roy Yadid's Bio
Roy was born in Ashkelon on the 14 of Tishrey 5741 (September 14, 1980).
Already while in kindergarten, his parents noticed his strong inclination to music and at elementary school he became the "nightingale" of the school and played the main character in school representations.
The first time Roy had guts to stand on a stage and sing outside the school framework was on one of his friends' bar mitzvah. His performance was received with such a shower of compliments that Roy, then 13, understood that this was one of his important callings on earth: sing, move and rejoice people.
At age 15, Roy began performing at small events, such as bar / bat mitzvahs, circumcisions, engagement parties, etc accompanied by his school buddy paying the organ.
But Roy's real great revelation to the world of music occurred during his service in the IDF.
After graduating from yeshiva high school, Roy was incorporated in the "Military Rabbinate Band", under the management of Moshe (Mona) Rozenblum, and from the beginning Roy has been selected as the main soloist. During his service he eventually became the commander of the Band.
During his military service years, Roy gained a lot of stage experience, and he also became close to Mona Rozenblum and was for the first time exposed to genuine Hassidic music.
During his army years, Roy joined the "Invey Hagefen" Orchestra and he has ever since been its soloist.
After finishing his service, Roy studied for 4 years for a B.A. at the Giveat Washington Teaching College.
In 2003, Roy took part in the first CD of the Invey Hagefen Orchestra as appropriate to its soloist, and he performed in duets with some of the greatest Hassidic singers, such as Dady Graucher, Ishay lapidot, Ury Shavh and more. The disk has known a great success and it confirmed Roy's position as a Hassidic singer.
Right after that, Roy felt that he had not told yet his last word on his own personal musical way, and he produced his first single as a singer by himself, entitled "Creation" (Briyat Olam). There he shows his own personal style, having composed the music on words that he wrote together with his yeshiva and music buddy.
The song was received with a lot of emotion and applause, and it revealed Roy to the public as a singer with a rich repertoire, both Israeli and Hassidic.
In 2006, Roy came upon a text for a song about, among other things, the painful evacuation of Gush Katif and the longing for the Whole Land of Israel. Noam Hayat, the owner of the Invey Hagefen Orchestra and later Roy's personal manager, immediately told Roy that he must compose a tune for the song so that he can produce it as a second single for his first CD that would outcome only a year later. Roy began on the spot working on the composition and Eldad Ratzon, Roy's buddy mentioned above, wrote the arrangement for the song. The result is known to everybody as the hit "At Li Eretz" that changed the standards on the religious media as the most claimed song in radio programs, top of hit parades and also became the most wanted ring tone among listeners. The song really became an actual hymn in all kindergartens, schools, yeshivas, girl ulpenas and seminars, in youth movements of all trends, and the kind.
This song definitely affirmed Roy's position as a first class singer in the world of Hassidic / religious music.
In 2007, Roy finally produced his first album, at the same time the Invey Hagefen Orchestra produced its second CD with Roy as its soloist. Both CDs were an overwhelming success and tens of thousands of copies have been sold.
But Roy and his manager, Noam Hayat, did not rest for one moment and, only a few weeks after the two new disks were published, they already came back to the recording studio to record a moving rending of Ovadia Hamema's famous song "Ana Bechoah". This special accomplishment came on response to strong demands from the public who heard it sung by Roy in performances and particularly liked Roy's interpretation of the song. Noam and Roy's decision was justified since Roy's rending of the song was received with applause.
There is therefore nothing more to say, but that Roy Yadid is indeed the next hot musical event in Israel and in general.
Today, besides his many performances all over the country, Roy is preparing a new album and is engaging in a large project, unprecedented in Israel (!)…
Roy Yadid, it's only the beginning…
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